Approaching graduation: the sprint finish and beyond

1 May

It’s been a fantastic, if not slightly unconventional week.

I’ve spent my time suspended in limbo between waving goodbye to my dissertation and gearing up towards revision. If you hesitate, you should contact the best writing service that will help you with writing research papers, because you will have free time for things and you will be able to concentrate on them as much as possible. After I submitted my dissertation on Monday, the devil on my shoulder told me to take the rest of the week off and celebrate. The angel on my shoulder reminded me that my final exams are only three weeks away and my revision won’t do itself. Part of me resents the fact that I even have exams, as I’m pretty sure over the last few months I’ve exhausted all the mental energy and self-discipline I have left. (I know- woe is me.) In order to properly plan my trip and include all possible points relevant for both study and recreation, I read The psychology of travel planning and received invaluable information.

What final year feels like...

What final year feels like…

In the end, I opted for a happy medium. I carried on studying, somewhat leisurely (which means at home in my pyjamas) under the resolution that I’d reward myself at the end of the week. So for the first time since last October, tonight I’ll be returning to Fruity Friday for a night of terrible dancing and cheesy music at the Students’ Union.

One of my first ever student nights out was at Fruity Friday, circa 2011

One of my first ever student nights out was at Fruity Friday, (circa 2011)

Next week, it’ll be back to hibernation mode as I reclaim my usual spot in the library. It’s only been a week since my last visit to Eddy B but the thought of returning is enough to make me shudder. My only saving grace is that the next few weeks really are the sprint finish of my entire degree. In fact, the month ahead is my last ever month of student life. Sob!

I'm finally approaching the distant horizon of graduate life

Graduate life is on the horizon

So what lies beyond the university horizon for puravidastudent? While I’m heading towards graduation and life outside the glorious student bubble, Summer 2015 comes first- and it promises an exciting line-up of blogging treasures.

In June, I’ll be rekindling my half-American side as I welcome my old American roomie, Sanne, to the UK for a week of British tourism and no doubt lots of catching up about our final year of university on either side of the Atlantic. From June 24-28 I’m going to my first ever music festival; seeing as it’s the one and only Glastonbury, I don’t think I’ll return to Leeds disappointed…

Can't wait to be reunited with my American roomie

Can’t wait to be reunited with my American roomie

During July I’ll be working as a Social Assistant for the Leeds International Summer School. I’ll be working within a team of Leeds students and graduates to help international students have a fulfilling, fun, safe- and most importantly- life-changing experience during their month-long exchange at the University of Leeds. I can’t wait to show them what Yorkshire has to offer!

Bolton Abbey- one of Yorkshire's best tourist spots

Bolton Abbey- one of Yorkshire’s best tourist spots

Speaking of good old Yorkshire, during August I’ll be enjoying a relatively new challenge on a work experience placement in the PR department of Welcome To Yorkshire. Ironically, in needing a place to stay during my time there, I’ll be renting a room at Liberty Dock, the student halls that I lived in during my very first year as a student at Leeds. Despite four years of student life across two continents, somehow, at the end of it all, I’m rounding off the experience right where I began. It seems only fitting that I’ll be able to indulge in some reflective, meaningful nostalgia before departing from student life entirely.

Little fresher me, at Clarence Dock, September 2011

Little fresher me, with my friend Nichola, at Clarence Dock, September 2011

Finally, at the end of Summer 2015, I’m jetting off to Croatia for a girls’ holiday with my friend Amy, exploring the stunning national parks and soaking up the sunshine. NB: #sorrynotsorry in advance for the holiday spam and insta-bragging that will inevitably unfold during my adventure…

So what’s my long-term plan, lying beyond the threshold of graduate life? At the beginning of the year, the thought of the unknown terrified me. I was convinced that if I didn’t secure a place on a high-flying graduate scheme, I’d failed. But since then, having secured my summer job and my work experience placement, I’ve realised that in your early 20s, it really is OK to lay the short-term stepping stones just ahead of your feet as you go along. Making the transition from the student bubble to the real world doesn’t necessarily have to be an abrupt burst, but a process of careful, thoughtful discovery (and elimination) as you embrace new experiences and exciting challenges.

So, while my plans for ‘real-world’ life after August are currently under construction, I’m embracing the unknown with a smile on my face, and I can’t wait to see what my next chapter has in store.

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