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Need a quick, easy & cheap recipe for university? Try Flava-It’s tasty meat marinades!

16 Aug

Flava-It make pretty awesome meat marinades and they have just launched three new ‘Meat Lust’ special edition flavours. The marinades work their magic in 10-minutes- meaning they are a quick and easy way to create a tasty meal-  perfect for students in a hurry!
You can get a free sample of the marinades here.
Flava-It invited me to test out the new flavours and ‘Unleash My Meat Lust‘…sounds pretty racy, right?
Here’s my blog, recipe and review of the GORGEOUS barbecue shredded beef bun. Enjoy!

You will need: 

   – Burger buns (Tiger bread warmed in the oven worked perfectly)

- Watercress

- 1 X beef tomato

- 1X red onion

- 250g minute steak  (or 500g to make four servings)

- Tablespoon olive oil

- Flava-It Barbecue Marinade (ONLY around 85p!)

- Optional for sweet potato fries: 2X sweet potato, tablespoon honey

& preferred seasoning.  Serves two.


- Pre-heat the oven to Gas Mark 8/ 450 Fahrenheit/ 230 Celsius

- Peel and chop the sweet potato fries and place them in a roasting tin or baking tray. Drizzle with honey and add seasoning. Place in the oven and cook until slightly brown and crispy (around 30 mins) 

- Slice the minute steaks into thin shredded strips. Place in a bowl and mix in most of the marinade. Save a small amount of the marinade for later, to mix into the mayonnaise.  

- While the meat sits in the flavouring, chop the red onion and tomato into thin slices. Wash the watercress.

- Slice the tiger bread buns in half and place them in the bottom of the oven for the last 5 minutes of cooking time to warm and go slightly crispy.

- Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan and flash-fry the shredded beef until it’s cooked through and the marinade and beef juices form a slightly syrupy liquid. Leave to cool slightly in a bowl and lightly fry the tomato and onion in the same pan, to pick up the rest of the oil and seasoning.

- Remove the sweet potato fries and tiger buns from the oven.

- ‘Spike’ your desired amount of mayonnaise with the remaining marinade mix, spread onto the buns and build your bun with the meat, onions, watercress and tomato. Serve.

Mix the marinade into the mayonnaise for a tasty barbecue sauce


I would highly recommend stocking up on some Flava-It meat marinades before university starts! The recipe only took around 30 minutes (and would be less without the sweet potato fries) and would make for a succulent, flavoursome tasty meat treat at the start of the semester before those overdrafts start sizzling.

The barbecue mix was especially on point- it reminded me of that incredible South-Carolinian barbecue taste, and for under £1 I’m definitely going to be keeping a stash of marinades in my cupboard!
I was going to record a reaction video…but I figured I wouldn’t deter my blog fans and follows with a video of me salivating over this ridiculously tasty meal!

Quick ratings

Best assets: Price, cooking time, unique flavour

Other bonuses: Versatility, great for lunch or dinner  and you can use any of the flavours on loads of different meats for any of your favourite meat recipes

Best for: Date nights, having friends round

Drawbacks: Calorie intake/ Wanting more!

Healthy version: Ditch the mayonnaise and use a wholemeal bun

Danny Boyle’s ‘Trance': A Review

16 Aug

6.5/10, worth a watch but not unmissable


At the beginning of my 8-hour flight from Copenhagen-Washington DC, I open SAS’s in-flight entertainment magazine to see Danny Boyle’s ‘Trance’ listed under the headline ‘The Boyle’s Done Good’.
On reflection, I couldn’t agree more. But that really is it. Boyle’s done good- not fantastic, but not bad either. Boyle left viewers all over the world enthralled by his almighty project last year- the Olympic opening ceremony, that is. His simultaneous project, a film with good intentions, fantastic plot twists but unconvincing delivery, left me in a trance for all the wrong reasons for the rest of my flight.

James McAvoy plays Simon, a recovering gambling addict who attempts to clear his debts by stealing a £25million Rembrandt painting from his own auction house. But before handing the painting over to his former drug dealer Franck, played by Vincent Cassel, for reasons unbeknown to audiences Simon mysteriously hid the painting during the dramatic opening heist. On recovering from a head injury incurred by Franck, Simon wakes with amnesia and can’t remember where he hid the painting. Franck enlists hypnotist Elizabeth Lamb, played by Rosario Dawson to bring Simon’s memory back to shape, and uncover where his £25million prize lies.

So far so good. A unique thriller which would be classed in the novel world as ‘unputdownable’. A discordant and unsettling soundtrack enhances the constant sense of confusion as we are left wondering whether the ensuing action is hypnosis, dreams or flashbacks. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen- partly because I wanted to unpick the plot- partly because I’d completely lose track of what was happening if I looked away. Very Inception-esque. But watching Trance feels like watching only the shell of a film that could’ve been something brilliant, if only it was more convincing. The ideas are there, let down largely by Dawson’s inability to play such a complex and multi-faceted character.

It transpires during Simon’s hypnosis treatments that a dark past blocks his ability to open up his memory. Elizabeth has a larger significance to Simon than first appears, turning out to be his ex-girlfriend who hypnotized him into forgetting she existed after he became violent. But Elizabeth is not just a hypnotist, and she’s not just a victimized ex. She’s also a temptress, a manipulator, a thief, a savior and a killer. Actually, she turns out to be the whole point of the plot, as the epic conclusion reveals she hypnotised Simon to steal the painting for her- explaining McAvoy’s inexplicable compulsion to hide it. As Elizabeth’s warped past becomes more apparent to viewers, supporting characters are killed off in a zoom-in effect for her denouement to take center stage. This would have been perfect if Dawson’s portrayal of Elizabeth was convincing enough for it to be worthy of the spotlight.

Dawson’s robotic delivery is not sinister enough for audiences to believe that Elizabeth destroyed Simon from the inside-out. Neither is she feisty enough to trick her way past a criminal gang of four without a flinching. What’s more, if Dawson’s acting is all we have to go by, it seems as if Elizabeth’s tortured past with Simon wasn’t all that detrimental to her physical and mental wellbeing, as she jumps back into bed with him halfway through the film. The film features other astonishing plot-holes such as Franck’s apparent patience to endure endless group hypnosis sessions, where really he could have put his gangster influences to good use and employed a private investigator to locate the painting himself.

Trance seems like the disappointing film adaptation of a really great book. Perhaps Boyle should have released the script instead of the show reel. Or perhaps the olympic opening ceremony was enough on his plate. I turned off the screen feeling energized, yet dissatisfied. Enthralled, yet agitated. Nearly, Boyle.


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